Wednesday, May 22, 2013



    When I heard about the tornado in OKC I was immediately worried. My childhood best friend lives there. I receive pop up news on my iPhone and it said 24 dead. I sent a quick e-mail to my friend to make sure she was safe while I searched for more news. Mandi is a R.N. and works in a hospital. Unfortunately I don't keep in very good touch with her like I should. I read that many hospitals in the area were getting injured in like mad. I knew Mandi would be affected one way or another. Then I received another pop up - 51 dead! Luckily Mandi emailed me back quickly and told me she was fine and the tornado had been 13 miles from her. She was working that day and the hospital was on lock down for a while. She was scared and asked for prayers.

    My home is Texas where there are plenty of tornadoes but I have never had to endure one. I just want to say that my prayers are with all involved and affected. When we had the Monument Fire almost 2 years ago now I thought our home would be lost for sure. There was so much smoke it looked like the whole town was on fire and would be wiped out. We were evacuated for 10 days - most of the time not knowing if we had a home or not. Therefore, I can only begin to know how these people might feel. We were able to come back home and no lives were lost. But those in Oklahoma have lost loved ones - some as young as 4 months old! It's heartbreaking! If I can say anything that I think might help even a little I would repeat God's own words "For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."  Trust in Him and His words.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Painting Cabinets

    I have been doing a lot of research lately. I am getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets and I'm scared! You see, I live in a manufactured home - built in 2005. It has those fake wood cabinets. Cabinets that are covered in paper. I'm not even really sure what they are under that paper. Beaver puke? However, the doors are solid wood - if you can call them solid - they're very thin.  I haven't been able to find much info on painting fake wood cabinets. But I need an update and I can't afford to replace them. 

    As an experiment I painted one of the bathroom cabinets. I cleaned it with Awesome cleaner and painted a couple of coats of primer - Zinsser Bull's Eye 1-2-3. Then a couple of coats of some grey color. Valspar I think. But it is already scratching off some. It still looks better than it did, but I want it to look great!
     Anyhow, I bought some TSP and will be cleaning the cabinets this week. Later in the week and over the weekend I will prime with Sherwin Williams primer and then paint with their paint as well. I'll give more details and pictures later. I just can't stand all the orange anymore! I am so excited because my husband is actually taking off of work to help me! I can't wait :)

    Here are the colors I have chosen for the cabinets:

Sherwin-Williams Popular Gray

And for the island:

Sherwin-Williams Versatile Gray

    I would've loved white but I have 3 kids and we practically live in our kitchen. I don't want to be cleaning cabinets all the time. I am also excited to get some knobs and drawer pulls on them. I think it will help a lot with keeping them clean. I'll give updates later. 

Have a great week! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


    I hate reading the news anymore. There is always something - guns, wars, bombings, earthquakes, storms, burglaries, kids getting shot or kidnapped or molested. I most hate to hear of bad things happening to children.
    This poor little boy passed into Eternity yesterday during the Boston Marathon.


    His name is Martin Richard and he was 8 years old. There were two others that died as well. Although this is all so very sad and my prayers are with all involved and affected I would like to point something out. Did you know the population of Boston is 625,000!? That's just Boston by itself - not including outlying areas and with the marathon there were probably many more people in Boston that day. According to the most recent news - 3 have passed and 150+ injured. There were more than 20,000 people in attendance at the Boston marathon. All I can think is that God was involved and had other plans that day. I know things are bad but I also know things could have been much worse with so many people.

God is in charge! I hate to see the terrible things that go on in the world these days but I can rest at night knowing God is in charge! He even told us in his word that these things would happen.

Mark 13:7 When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

Matthew 24:7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.

But God also says Psalm 34 says 18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted...

I don't want to downplay what happened in Boston. It is indeed a terrible thing and I wonder what goes through people's heads when they decide they want to mercilessly kill as many people as they can (or even injure just 1). I feel the same as all of you - just - in shock. But it helps me to know....


Friday, April 12, 2013

No TV for me

    I was looking at a blog I like and the blogger mentioned she has only one TV in her workout room - and it only plays DVDs. Sounds like a great idea to me! I always like hearing about other people who don't own a TV. I often get told "Oh, I have a TV but I don't watch it all that much". You'd be surprised how much your TV is on whether you're watching it or not. Americans are so used to constant noise that we feel strange when there is none. So, the TV is left on.


    I haven't had a TV for 11 years. I get lots of stupid questions too. I've even had people verbally attack me in my own home over my choice of not owning a TV. The questions I get most often are
  • How do you get the news? - Um, lets see, radio, newspaper, Internet, word-of-mouth, TVs I see while shopping...

  • What do you do if you don't watch television? - Pay games, talk to each other, get things done, fellowship with others, read books. My kids read LOTS of books and they read on a very high level for their ages. My daughter was reading at a 12th grade level in 5th grade. They have their own kindles and we go to the library once a week when they're out of school.

  • Your kids don't watch cartoons!? - No, and they are perfectly normal.

  • If your kids don't watch Barney how are they ever going to learn manners? - Yes, I have actually had this question - when I first got rid of my TV. My answer is, from ME - their mother - and from their father. Go figure.

  • This is one I've never heard before but I saw on Pinterest. (I used to love Friends.)

(no source)

My answer to that one is that my furniture is pointed at each other - so that when we are all seated we can look at each other while talking. Wow. Deep huh?

    Now, I'm not judging those who choose to own a TV. I'm just saying that it's not for my family. When my kids move out - if they choose to have a TV that's fine - their choice. Looking back, I don't know how we ever had time for one. I also have watched shows that I used to watch (such as Friends) and wonder why I ever liked it. Most things on TV are so foul and it seems I didn't realize it until I had been without one for some time.

    I also monitor what my kids watch at school. Their teachers are required to let me know if they will be watching a movie and then if I don't approve my child must be allowed to go to the library or to another classroom watching a movie I approve of. Usually, I look up reviews ( Movie review) and then make my decision.

     On another note - I celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday. It was a nice day- my kids brought me breakfast in bed, I got all the gifts I had wanted and didn't know it :) We went out to eat and then attended a Spanish class our church is giving. It's actually a class geared towards those wanting to learn English but my husband and I are trying to learn Spanish so we can communicate with everyone in church so we went and really enjoyed it!

Have an awesome weekend. I know I will :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pins I’ve tried

     I’ve tried a few different pins lately and thought I would share, once again, how they worked for me.
    1. When I look at recipes I always have a hard time finding something that looks good that doesn’t look like it tacos or isn’t a dessert. This one looked really good and we like to be able to have rice with a meal since it’s filling and inexpensive. So, when I saw this I thought it looked pretty yummy.

santa fe chicken
It was good enough to make again for sure – although a little bland – but we like our food spicy. This one gets a thumbs up from me!
     2. Another recipe. I love chicken and I love potatoes even more! Warning: this one was spicy even for us – but we liked it! To my husband and I, anything that is spicy enough to make our nose run is goooood. Although this one wasn’t quite that hot – but close – and that’s only because I made it with half the amount of hot sauce it called for. Our favorite hot sauce is Tapatio.
Another thumb ups!
    3. This one is another recipe of sorts. I’m sure you’ve seen at least one teeth whitening pin. I decided to try this one:
This one doesn’t link to a website. Probably should have been a clue. I followed the directions exactly and here is what happened:


I know – I look like an alien! See those white spots around every tooth? But mostly the circled ones. Yeah, those are chemical burns! That lasted all day! It hurt. It burned. I think it did whiten my teeth some and I may even try it again but not for two minutes! Maybe one minute – or I saw another pin like it that said to use a q-tip to dab it on your teeth – might be a good idea.

Well, there you have it. Three pins I’ve tried recently. Have a great week!Smile

Friday, April 5, 2013

My unusual bulletin board

    My husband found me a pallet and brought it home. I stained it with vinegar and steel wool. I really liked the color and ease of staining it this way. I found a stencil at Michael's and used a cream color paint to stencil the corners. I then sanded it a bit to give it a more rustic look and put a coat of wax on it. My original idea was to make it into a coffee table for my daughter but I soon realized it wouldn't really go with her d├ęcor. So it just sat around for a while. Unfortunately, my pictures of the staining process are on my other (broken) computer.

    Around Christmas time I decided to use my pallet for a card holder. It worked but by the end of the holidays the cards were really cluttered so I ended up not liking it much for that purpose.

 It sat around a few months more. As I was looking for inexpensive things to go on the walls in my newly painted office I wondered if push pins would work on the pallet. If so, I could use it as a bulletin board.

I love it!



I am currently working on shelves for this room. It's taking me longer than I would like. I am also working on getting my husband to build me a new desk - this is our junk collector table at the moment. Once I get a new desk this will disappear.
Have a great weekend! ;)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Posole Recipe

   Even though I just posted that I am a terrible cook – I am going to share one of my favorite recipes with you. I love Mexican food, which is good seeing that I live about 30 mi from the Mexican border! One of my favorite dishes is Posole. I pronounce it puh-so-lay (not sure if that’s correct but when I say it to Latina ladies they don’t laugh at me or correct me Open-mouthed smile )

    I have made this many times, many different ways and I have found that this is the best (for me). I got the recipe from a Mexican lady in my church.


1. A small, boneless beef shoulder pot Roast (but you can use chicken or pork)
2. Knorr’s Caldo de Tomate tomato bouillon
3. large can of Hominy (29 oz.)
4. large can of pinto beans (29 oz.) -or some you cooked up yourself – I’ve done both
5. cabbage
6. key limes
7. tortillas or bread ( I usually use bolillo rolls cut into pieces)

Optional – onions, green chili's, etc. – I like mine without.

Cook the beef roast in a slow cooker until it is very tender and easy to pull apart with forks (about 5 hours). Shred the beef and place in a large pot on the stove with about half of the broth.


Fill the pot the rest of the way with water. Add Caldo de Tomate. I don’t measure this – but I usually use nearly all of a small can. I just pour it in until the water is red.



Drain beans and Hominy and add to pot. Bring to a boil. Once boiling, it's ready! Serve hot with shredded cabbage, halved key limes and bread or tortillas.

                          (my homemade rolls Smile )

A spice we like to add for heat (spiciness) is Chili Tepin (pronounced teh - peen).


We grow and make it ourselves and may be hard to find in other parts of the country. They are little red-orange berry looking things. We put them in a blender and it is a very hot pepper. We love it!